In an area of outstanding natural beauty and within one hour of the coast, fifteen minutes from the A75 and 25 minutes from Millau and 20 minutes from the Millau Viaduct.

Cantobre is in the Gorges De La Dourbie (some 548m about sea level) at the confluence of the rivers Dourbie and Trevezel.

Drive 20km south towards the Mediterranean and you'll descend from the heights of the Central Massif into the world's largest wine growing region of Languedoc/Roussillion.

Drive 20km north and you can explore the river Tarn with its famous 300meter deep gorges and its ancient towns and villages.

Southern Aveyron is also famous for the quality of its local produce. The village of Roquefort famous for its cheese is a 30 minute drive from Cantobre.

The beaches are an hour away and a trip to Spain is only around a three hour drive.

Property for Sale in Cantobre
Property for Sale in Cantobre (France)
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